Family & Consumer Science March 2024 Newsletter

Family & Consumer Science March 2024 Newsletter

Family & Consumer Science March 2024 Newsletter

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Spring is the Time to Organize, Clean Up Your Financial Apps

This year, there’s a new item to incorporate into your spring-cleaning ritual: thoroughly examining your financial applications. Right now is an opportune moment to sift through your financial apps, checking for any lingering balances. If you discover surplus funds sitting idly, consider moving this money to a high-yield savings account. Such accounts often offer more favorable interest rates and increased safety, allowing your money to grow. Additionally, extend this routine to include any rebate or coupon applications you regularly use. It's easy to accumulate rewards and forget, but periodically checking these apps can reveal significant redeemable value. Converting these rewards into cash or depositing them into a savings account provides security and potentially earns you interest. This practice tidies up your digital financial footprint, enhancing your financial security and growth.
Digital payment platforms like Venmo, PayPal and Cash App are on the rise. These apps offer convenience and flexibility, making them popular choices for a wide range of transactions. A survey conducted by NerdWallet, in partnership with the Harris Poll, found that about two-thirds of mobile payment app users keep funds in their accounts. Notably, nearly half of these users have more than $100 in their account at any given time, suggesting a significant level of trust and reliance on these platforms for financial management.
However, this trust may be somewhat misplaced regarding the security of stored funds. While these apps excel at facilitating quick transfers, they are not designed with the same protective measures as traditional banking institutions. Banks and credit unions provide insurance through organizations like the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – more commonly known as the FDIC – ensuring that customers' deposits are protected up to certain limits. Unfortunately, many mobile payment apps do not offer this level of security, leaving users' balances potentially exposed. This distinction is crucial for users to understand, as it affects the safety and security of their funds. In the digital age, being vigilant about where and how money is stored is more important than ever, prompting a need for greater awareness and careful financial management.
Source Kelly May, Senior Extension Associate

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Book of the Month
Only in Kentucky: Historic True Tales of Cultural Ingenuity by Marshall Myers

“Only in Old Kentucky” offers a series of novel and fascinating stories of bygone days from Cadiz to Versailles. Kentucky’s saltpeter reserves take a backseat to coal mining today but plays a critical role in military engagement of yesteryear. Devil John Wright morphed from a civil war soldier to a circus performer to a legend. Dueling so shaped the early commonwealth that to this day, officials have to take an oath promising to refrain from doing so. Author Marshall Myers tracks down Kentucky’s hidden oddities, curiosities, and captivating stories Kentucky history has to offer.
A really good read for people who have lived in Kentucky all their lives or those that have moved here that would be interested in Kentucky’s culture and history. It covers communities’ odd names, coal camps and settlement schools, feuds between families, civil war, and the Madrid earthquake of 1811. A very interesting book from cover to cover!
Debbie Holt is a Mailbox Member and Chairperson of Food and Nutrition.
This book is not listed on the KEHA Booklist. If it was, it would be listed under the ‘Kentucky’ category. It is available at the Taylor County Library.


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