Agriculture September 2023 Newsletter

Agriculture September 2023 Newsletter

Agriculture September 2023 Newsletter

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Updated Guidelines for CAIP Genetic Improvement Program for Beef

Darrh Bullock, U.K. Beef Specialist

At the beginning of every year, we update the guidelines for the CAIP Genetic Improvement Program. These changes include adjusting the EPD requirements for any breed that has had a change to their genetic evaluation or any other changes that the Kentucky Agriculture Development Board’s Program Evaluation Committee decide to implement. This year there were minimal changes to the EPD guidelines with Charolais being the only breed to have changes in their EPD values because of changes to their genetic evaluation. Also, Red     Angus was included in the Alternative - Selection Index for the Balanced Trait category.

Last year bulls were required to have Genomically Enhanced EPDs, which will continue, but an alternative is that the bull can have an Accuracy value for Calving Ease Direct of .25 or greater (this was lowered by the committee from .30). One last change is there is no longer an upper limit to Weaning Weight for a balanced trait bull; however, the upper limit for Yearly Weight remains. To get the latest updates to the EPD guidelines please go to: and click on the “Beef Sire Selection for Cattle Genetic Improvement Program - CAIP EPD Guidelines for Bulls” link.

Heifer Requirements for CAIP Funding
Bred or Open Heifers or First Calf Heifers

1. All bred heifers must be bred to calving ease bulls based on their EPDs (see Beef Sire      Selection for Cattle Genetics Improvement Program).  The EPDs of the service sire must be provided at the time of sale.

2. All bred heifers must be owned by the consignor at the time of breeding

3. Applicant must submit Heifer Affidavit - Producer Report for heifer purchases and include documentation of veterinary examination.

4. All heifers purchased shall have been developed following the minimum guidelines outlined by the University of Kentucky and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s “Herd Builders” replacement heifer program.

5. Beginning in 2019:  Heifers under 30 months of age purchased with a calf are eligible, but do not require pelvic measurement and tract scores.


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