Agriculture November 2022 Newsletter

Agriculture November 2022 Newsletter

Agriculture November 2022 Newsletter

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November Tips and Tidbits

Preparing for winter

Horses that are kept outside require protection from wind and elements. This can be done with a wind break of trees, a run-in shed or a high porosity wind fence. 

Check all water systems and put away all parts that are not permanent and cannot withstand freezing temperatures.

Clean and store temporary fencing systems that have been used for rotational grazing.

Check living quarters in the horse trailer to ensure all systems are ready for winter.

Feeding Horses During the Winter

Be sure all horses have adequate access to feed and clean water.

Feed hay in a suitable feeder to reduce waste. 

Horses can be wintered on hay alone if its quality is high enough to meet their nutritional needs.

If they are at the optimal BCS, horses should be provided 1.5 to 2 percent of the body weight in high quality forage per day. 

Cold temperatures can increase a horse's hay requirement by one-third.

Compensate for low quality forage or a lack of hay by adding a grain rotation. 

Assess your horse's body condition once a month to evaluate your feeding program. 

Wintering Horse Tack

Most horse owners are not as actively riding in the winter months, thinking about winterizing your tack can help to prolong your equipment.

Place all saddles, bridles, general tack, etc. in a dry place for the winter away from the elements.

Oiling any leather before storing away will help to prolong the longevity of your move more valuable pieces of tack. 

One idea would be to store away in some rubber totes and cover with a lid; this will provide you with winter care protection and keep everything all in one place. 


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