4-H Achievement Program & Application

4-H Achievement Program & Application

Kentucky 4-H State Achievement Program & Application 

The Kentucky 4-H Achievement Application is a 4-H Recognition Award that that recognizes youth for their 4-H Participation Level at county, area and state 4-H levels.  The 4-H Achievement Application requires youth to keep records and complete their achievement application covering the members involvement in five areas: Leadership, Civic Engagement, Communication/Marketing, , Community Action and Involvement/Participation.  The intent of the 4-H Achievement Program is to encourage youth’s involvement and participation in 4-H to expand over their entire 4-H careers as well as apply record keeping skills for state level recognition.  Members who complete the 4-H Achievement Form will receive county and area recognition, in addition to state recognition and awards at State Level 4-H Conferences. 


What is the Achievement Application?:

A document that youth use to record 4-H participation each year.  Points are assigned for participation and youth receive recognition for their achievements. Youth should record their participation age at the Age of your 4-H Youth right now in the Sept. 2022 – Aug. 2023 Year.  These applications should be updated each year.


Why should you complete the 4-H Achievement Application?:

This is such an important opportunity for any 4-Her’s ages 9-18 with at least one year of activities in the program!  4-Her’s not only learn valuable record keeping skills and resume builders BUT ALSO receive recognition at the Taylor County 4-H Annual Recognition Banquet and it also builds onto State 4-H Recognition.

*** NOTE: Only Youth who complete the 4-H Achievement Application will be eligible for the Outstanding and Excellent 4-H’er Junior and Senior Awards!!!!


Who should complete a 4-H Achievement Application?:

If you are of at least 9 years old 4-H Age and have participated in 4-H for at least one year, you should consider completing the Achievement Form.  Points are built during 4-H Career, ages 9-18 4-H age and build for Clover Levels I, Clover Level II, Clover Level III, Bronze Award, Silver Award, Gold Award and Emerald Award.   


How to Complete the 4-H Achievement Recognition Form:

  • Complete the Achievement form attached.
  • Forms can be turned in by either:
    • HARD COPY to our Extension Office at 1143 South Columbia Avenue, Campbellsville, KY OR
    • ELECTRONICALLY by email to agent, Kimberly Thomas at kimberly.thomas@uky.edu


For more information or if you have questions, please contact 4-H Agent Kimberly Thomas by email: kimberly.thomas@uky.edu or 270-465-4511.

Contact Information

1143 South Columbia Ave Campbellsville, KY 42718-2456

(270) 465-4511