2017-2018 County Officers

President:  Cyndy Humble

Vice President:  Sharon Wood

Secretary:  Mildred Haynes

Treasurer:  Kris Fixari


Council Members


Educational Chairs of Programs of Work

Debbie Wilcoxson, Cultural Arts and Heritage Skills

Carolyn Morris, Environment, Housing and Energy

Ann Beard, Family and Individual Development

Doris Shofner, Food and Nutrition

Gertie Graves, International & Community

Christie Goodhue, Leadership Development

Linda Mardis, Safety & Management

Kim Corbin, 4-H Youth Development


Club Presidents

Sharon Wood, Circle of Friends                                

Betty Williams, Harmony                                          

Janet Bradley, Mannsville                                         

Becky Gaddie, Mastering Skills                     

Carolyn Morris, Modern Day                         

Barbara Graham, Saloma Road


Committee Chairs

Paula Van Cleave, Scholarship

Donna Kerr, Soup Luncheon


The Council meets monthly on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. at the Taylor County Extension Office.